Concrete Voiding & Cover

Concrete Void Detection

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We use the latest concrete voiding and covering techniques to reduce project costs and maximise efficiency.

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What are Concrete Voids?

Voiding can occur due to a number of factors, including slumping of concrete, insufficient core filling or lack of compacting and earth movement, storms, floods, sink holes, king tides etc.

The team at GPR can non-destructively and accurately map areas of suspected voiding in concrete slabs and walls

GPR concrete void detection ban be used on/for

  • Concrete slab and substrate
  • Subsurface
  • Roadways
  • Block Walls

What is Voided Concrete Slab?

Voided slabs are a flexible design and cost-effective solution, compared to solid concrete slabs. They offer the same or better performance than solid slabs, with less concrete used. They consist of two thin slabs and ribs connecting them. Voided slabs can be used for flooring & decking

Voided slab advantages

Solid concrete slabs are extremely heavy, putting great pressure on the foundations and framework of the building. Voided concrete slabs deliver the following benefits:

  • Thinner slabs with longer spans
  • Lighter foundations
  • Design freedom
  • Material savings
  • Waste reduction
  • Decrease project cost
  • Reduced construction time

Why Use GPR Concrete ?

GPR Concrete are locally owned and operated, servicing commercial and residential properties in Newcastle for over 5 years.

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