Slab Thickness Reporting

Analysing Concrete Slab Thickness

Knowing the thickness of a concrete slab can be important for several reasons including quality assurance for new constructions, where to anchor new equipment on existing slabs or moisture testing for flooring.

Ground penetrating radar is the most effective, non-destructive way to determine the thickness of a concrete slab. This technique uses radar waves to make an accurate estimate of the thickness of the slab.

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How does GPR measure the thickness of concrete?

GPR uses radar waves to penetrate the concrete and determine its thickness. A technician scans the slab with the scanner, which collects a profile. This works because the radar waves penetrate concrete, soil, metal and other materials at different rates. The technician receives an immediate reading on the scanner’s screen, and can even save images to share. The variations in the thickness are then marked directly on the concrete with a permanent pen, chalk or on paper taped to the slab.

While the depth results are not 100% exact, GPR offers an accurate estimate which is effective for most purposes. GPR scans for thickness can also help make the process easier because they locate supports and other structures within the concrete. These can then be marked and avoided during drilling, trenching, cutting or coring.

What are the benefits of GPR?

GPR is a quick, easy method of accurately estimating slab thickness before any constructing work is done. It’s less destructive, time-consuming and labour-intensive than core extraction methods, making it a more effective and cheaper alternative.

At GPR Concrete, we use the latest ground penetrating radar technology to:

  • Determine depth, lateral location and extent of internal flaws
  • Calculate concrete slab thickness
  • Perform quality assurance checks
  • Predict early age strength

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